What’s it all About

I always had an attraction to NYC and all it had to offer. Between the sights, the smells, the interactions, the liveliness…basically the ambience, I couldn’t get enough. It kept me coming back for more, so as soon as I could I moved into Manhattan to be fully immersed in this eclectic and diverse city.

After finding a lucky true three bedroom in UES, a couple years ago, I realized that this city and all its boroughs had so much to offer and I wanted to make it my mission to discover as much as I could. As I started my mission I would research and check out new places as much as my body, mind and wallet could handle. I soon found myself giving opinions to friends, families and even strangers on restaurants, bars, events, and places I have been to. I realized how awesome it felt to share my opinion and have others feel the same way and agree with my opinion. That’s what I want to bring to anyone reading my blog posts as I continue exploring NYC.

So that’s what it is all about! I want to give you my opinion, experience and thoughts on restaurants, bars, events and places throughout NYC’s boroughs. All my blogs and posts will be from places that I have been to and experienced myself. So feel free to follow me on my mission and discover your borough.

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