Brooklyn Beer Never Tasted so Good



Gone are the days of traveling outside of New York to wait in line at breweries that have mastered the craft of brewing delicious beers which you cannot easily obtain in New York City. Power houses like Lawson’s Liquid, the Alchemist Brewery, Hill Farmstead and Treehouse Brewery use to own the east coast in the eyes of beer connoisseurs and beer snobs alike.

Now you can simply jump on a subway or a bus to some of the best breweries offering delicious options from IPA’s to Nitro Stouts. I have composed a list of some of my favorite breweries that have kept their “small batch” and unique reputation, while producing some grade “A” beers.

Breweries Mentioned in this Blog:


  1. Interboro Spirits & Ales – 942 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

What to Expect: This brewery is a newcomer as of this year but don’t let that deter you, as their main brew master is a former Cartons Head brewer and was also brewing beers at Other Half Brewery (also on this list). This is right off the Grand Street Subway station and is operating in a one story warehouse with about 5,400 sq. feet of space. Expect to be blown away with their beer. I haven’t tried them all but their IPA is out of this world. Their tasting room is open on Thursday & Friday from 5-10 pm, Saturday from Noon- 10pm, and Sunday from Noon-6pm.

Pros: There are many pro’s about this place, the convenience and location is one of them. It is right off the grand street L&G station in Williamsburg, which is amazing. Another Pro is, amongst the recent boom in breweries, they have managed to separate themselves by being a distillery as well, offering barrel-strength whiskey. This is a brewery that you have to check out if you are in the area, or make plans to get there. Believe me when I say that they will be a huge name in the beer world in no time. Lastly, they are open till 10pm on Thursdays and Fridays so you are able to grab friends or work colleagues and share the wealth.

Items to Note: The only con is that they aren’t open every day of the week so you dont get to try their incredible beer.


  1. Greenpoint Beer and Ale – 7 N15th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

What to Expect: An incredible brewery that has been around since 2014. Like their name states they are located in Greenpoint Brooklyn and offer very flavorful small batch beers. They have about 5 barrels in their space with a main focus on England, Belgium and German beers. They also have a kitchen which offers seasonal European comfort food. There is absolutely no way you are leaving this place with an empty stomach. They are open Monday-Thursday from 5pm to Close, Friday from 4pm to Close, Saturday-Sunday from Noon to Close.

Pros: One of the fewer breweries that offer food that is incredible on its own, you dont have to be a beer drinker to go to this brewery. They also have happy hour which includes share plates which is rare to find at breweries. Their happy hour is on Monday-Friday from 5-7pm which offers $5 beers and $10 shareplate + Beer. Their beer and food menu can be found on their website if you want to prepare accordingly. You can make reservations, which is nice and they offer gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian plates. This is one of those very accommodating breweries with a really great ambiance.

Items to Note: If you don’t mind walking and taking on the G train then this is not a con for you, but for convenience seeker it’s a bit of a walk from the L station at Bedford Avenue and the G can be an adventure all in its self(not a bad walk from the G train Nassau station). The food, although delicious, is very heavy so either prepare to go with an empty stomach or leave in a zombified state. If you have plans to go out after, I would suggest eating a share plate or something on the lighter side from the menu. If you are a happy hour warrior, it’s tough to  get to this brewery for happy hour during the week day if you dont work or live in the area.


  1. Other Half Brewing Company 195 Centre St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

What to Expect: If you are an IPA fan and living in NYC you most likely have tasted Other Half’s finely brewed nectars. They a located on the edge of Carroll Gardens Brooklyn and Gowanus. A simple ride on the F/G train should bring you close enough and you can walk a couple of blocks to this small garage-esk brewery. The brewery in its self gives off a rustic and urban feel while you are served some of the better IPAs and beers I have tried. It’s a great brewery for the community which was, and still is, the owner’s goal.

Pros: If you are an IPA fan, this place has great beers and offers different styles and flavors of IPAs. They offer a wide variety of other beers aswell, and have been making a name for themselves in popular bars throughout NYC. The brewery can be rented out for private events and all their contact information is on their website. Great neighborhood brewery!

Items to note: Its small, the size isn’t something that should deter you but just be aware of it when you are heading over. Also check out their website before you bring your growler over. They will fill any growler regardless of what brewery it originated from it just has to meet certain specs (1.125 diameter opening for 32 oz. and 64 oz. growlers). Other than that definitely worth checking out.


*This post is to enlighten and give the reader the information and insight to discover their borough and not intended to be a critic post. I hope you enjoyed this post and look out for more to come!


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