Financial District Coffee Addicts, Rejoice!


Calling all residents, “9-5ers”, tourists and go-hards in the Financial District, there are other options for coffee besides Dunkin or Starbucks. This may not come as a shocking surprise to most of you, but about 83% of adult’s drink coffee in the US.  Whether you are on the go or ready to put in some serious work, finding a solid cup of coffee is a must.  I have decided to put together some coffee spots for my fellow coffee lovers and junkies that are more than worth the visit.

Coffee Shops Mentioned in this Blog:


  1. Blue Spoon Coffee Co.90 Williams Street, New York, NY 10038

What to Expect: If you know your coffee, than you have heard of Intelligentsia Coffee. It’s an incredible type of coffee that is delicious, smooth, addicting and served at this independent coffee shop located in FiDi. They are known to have some of the best Drip Coffee and Espresso in NY and have developed a cult like following.

Pros: They have two locations with some of the best coffee in NY and offer delicious food. If you are looking for a quick bite with your coffee that is more than pastries and baked good as you rush back to work or exploring, then you are in the right spot. Their food is also served on Balthazar Bakery’s bread, which is an awesome addition. They also offer soups and salads for the healthy minded individuals.

Items to Note: The two locations, the one mentioned above, and 76 Chambers Street (closer to City Hall and Brooklyn Bridge) are small, so do not expect it to be a sit down shop. They also have credit card minimums of $5 or more.

  1. Eataly101 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10006

What to Expect: That’s right! There is an Eataly downtown. If you do not know what Eataly is, shame on you and you should go check out the original in Flatiron. It’s a big name Italian Market that offers everything under the sun, including coffee. The FiDi location is a lot smaller than its original counterpart but offers most of the same items. Their coffee spot is great and they serve Lavazza Coffee, which is an Italian coffee bean that is rich and flavorful. You can find Eataly, at the top of the entrance to the Westfield mall/Oculus.

Pros: Amazing Coffee and you have the option to peruse the Italian Market while you wait, or even with a coffee in hand. They are quick and efficient. I recommend their iced cappuccino which is incredible and does a treat to say the least. They conveniently put their sweets and pastries right next to the coffee section so if you are looking for a sweet fix on top of some caffeine that you are in the right place. They are also open from 7am-11pm Monday-Sunday.

Items to Note: It can get hectic with the mix of suits and tourists going for lunch or just to check it out. The best time to get coffee would be off hours in the morning. It’s hard not to get distracted by all the new stores that opened up so put your blinders on and make it to Eataly in one piece.

  1. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters200 Broadway, New York, NY 10038

What to Expect: Irving Farm Coffee Roasters offers a delicious specialty blend that put this trailblazing coffee shop on the map in 1996. This coffee spot started in Gramercy Park, before “handcrafted” and “organic” coffee was a trend. Now they have multiple locations around the city, including downtown in the newly renovated Fulton Center.

Pros: A big component of this coffee is their organic, handcrafted and free trade coffee. They also pride themselves on having their coffee from a single source so the constancy of the coffee never changes. It also never seems to be crowded and is an easy stop if you get off the subway in the Fulton Center (top floor). Their morning snacks and pastries look delicious as well (including homemade pop tarts). They also have seating which is nice if you are looking to sit down and take a rest from all the sightseeing.

Items to note: The space itself is very small so if there is a line its only because of the lay out. Also the coffee is on the more expensive side so be prepared to spend the money for your organic coffee.

  1. Gregorys Coffee42 Broadway, New York, NY 10004

What to Expect: This NY chain is not your typical chain. They offer some of the best coffee I have ever had and it has never failed. Their coffee is delicious and strong and continues to impress me every time I get it. They have multiple locations throughout the city and at least 3 downtown. They have one on Wall Street, Broad Street and Broadway. I highly recommend this place and their espresso is some of the best I have ever had. They also offer baked goods and are very good at turning out massive orders as this is a popular spot.

Pros: Delicious coffee on the go and they are extremely efficient brewing your coffee to your liking. They also offer products like, mugs, thermoses, grinders, French presses and other barista items. Their baked goods are delicious and they also offer whole wheat glazed donuts!

Items to note: They have increased their popularity over the years and they can get pretty busy, but that should not stop you from getting their coffee. Their shops have seating but its limited and a couple of them have stand-up tables if you are looking to catch up with an old friend or colleague before heading to work.

  1. R & R Coffee76 Fulton Street, New York, NY 10038

What to Expect: I have only been to this coffee shop once and was blown away. They offer delicious coffee that is affordable (large coffee is only $3) and delicious treats in a casual setting. This coffee shop is one of a kind and on the corner of Fulton and Gold Street. This is a popular coffee spot in the area and they offer Toby’s estate coffee, which is an incredible brand of coffee that will make you come back for more.

Pros: Toby’s Estate coffee, need I say anymore! This is an incredible brand that is delicious and a fan favorite. Their mocha, chai and cold brew coffee are delicious and they are top sellers at this local coffee joint. They also have glutton free pastries and your coffee will have a very artistic design which is a nice touch.

Items to note: Seating is extremely limited so do not expect a sit down kind of place. It’s also tucked away and closer to south street seaport. This is not a place that you would pass by but its why I put it on the list because it’s worth going out of the way for!


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